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Missing Mapping Report

A Missing Mapping report is a very useful tool for determining whether any additional 3rd party logins need to be added to Ad-Juster.

Creating a Missing Mapping Report

To create a Missing Mapping Report you will need to do the following in the Report App:

  • Click New Report
  • Click Missing Mapping Detector from the drop down list
  • Give the report a name in the Name field
  • Specify a Report Period
  • Click Save and Run Report

By default the report will include both mapped and unmapped creatives. 

If you'd only like the report to include creatives that are missing mappings please add the Unmapped Local Creatives Report Filter. 

Analyzing the Missing Mapping report:

The most important columns in the Missing Mapping report are Columns L, M, and N. There are 4 possible combinations for these columns which are outlined below:

Column L will show you the type of ad tag associated with the local creative.

Column M will show if we are mapped to the 3rd party creative or if we are not mapped to the 3rd party creative. If you see Locally Served or Unsupported Ad Tag Type, that means either the local creative is site served or it has a 3rd party ad tag that we do not currently support. 

Column N - If we have the mapping, it will tell you if we're tracking clicks, impressions, or clicks AND impressions. This is based on what type of ad tag is associated with the local creative - a click tracker, or an impression tracker. 

Ad Tag Type is populated, Mapping Status shows Missing Login:

The local creative is serving with a DCM ad tag, however the account with access to the DCM placement referenced in the ad tag has not been added to Ad-Juster. As a result we are not able to make the mapping.

Ad Tag Type is populated with more than one ad server, Mapping Status shows Mapped to Ad Server1 and Missing Login for Ad Server2

This means we have detected multiple 3rd Party ad tags for this creative and we are not mapping to all of them. In the Mapping Status column we will display which connection we have a mapping for and which one we were not able to map to. If you'd like us to map to both, you will need to add the login for the account listed as missing in the Missing Login for _____ section.

There are multiple reasons why a local creative may have multiple 3rd party tags, including multiple tracking pixels and 4th party served ads.

Ad Tag Type says "Locally Server or Unsupported Ad Tag Type":

The creative is site served or uses an ad server that we do not currently support. To request support for a new 3rd Party server please click here.

Ad Tag Type is populated and Mapping Status shows Mapped to AdServer

Nothing needs to be done - this local creative is fully mapped to the creatives listed in the ad tag.

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